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Holiday Punch

      • Critical hit forces victim to laugh
      • Always critical hit from behind
      • On Hit: Force enemies to laugh who are also wearing this item
      • Critical hits do no damage

      The Holiday Punch is a community-created melee weapon for the Heavy. The Holiday Punch was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name The Masculine Mittens. It was released in the Australian Christmas 2011 update.

      If a critical hit is achieved or the target is also wearing the item, then the victim will burst into laughter, leaving them temporarily defenseless. The weapon always deals critical hits from behind, but its crits do not deal any damage. Critical hits given by the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, or presumably any other source, will deal normal critical hits, instead of the laugh effect, unless from behind. The arc behind is similar to a Spy's backstab.

      Taunting with the Holiday Punch equipped will perform the Showdown Special taunt.

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