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Lo-Fi Longwave

    • The Lo-Fi Longwave is a headwear item, wearable by all classes. It is an off-white hardhat with a miniature radio tower mounted on top and the KritzKast logo printed on the front.

      The hat was first awarded in Vintage quality to a limited but unspecified number of players for being a member of the KritzKast Steam Group prior to 7pm (GMT+1) June 12th 2011, 1 hour before the live recording of podcast episode #121. Before a hat is awarded the members must obtain a passing score on the KritzKast quiz. Players who do not win on the quiz are allowed to retake it as often as they wish so long as they leave four hours between attempts. Those who were not part of the KritzKast steam group before the deadline received a message from Saxton Hale stating they are "manly enough not to receive" the "girly" hat.

      The 30 winners of the Lo-Fi Longwave Owners Group "Meet the Robin" event were also awarded Vintage hats. Those who were already in possession of Vintage were awarded a Unique version of the hat instead.

      Since episode #129 a Vintage hat has been given to each "Player of the Week". This policy has been retroactively enforced.

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