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Buffalo Steak Sandvich

      • Effect-Lenght: 15 seconds
      • move speed is increased, damage done and taken will be mini-crits
      • player may only use melee weapons

      The Buffalo Steak Sandvich is a community-made secondary weapon for the Heavy. It is simply a slab of raw steak, supposedly from a buffalo, with a visible marrow bone.

      When eaten with primary fire, the weapon heals no damage to the Heavy, but bestows a multitude of buffs: move speed is increased to 311 HU/s — roughly 35% faster than the Heavy's normal walking speed — damage dealt and damage taken are delivered as Mini-crits, and the player is restricted to using melee weapons for the duration of the buffs. The buffs last for a total of 15 seconds.

      Should the player use secondary fire, the item will be thrown to the ground and functions as a pickup similar to the Sandvich, providing health upon being picked up. The primary fire effects are not applied on dropped Steaks. Should the Heavy be killed whilst holding the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, it will be dropped as a collectible for 50 health — 75 for a Scout.

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