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Sticky Jumper

      • + 200% max primary ammo on wearer
      • No self inflicted blast damage taken
      • -100% damage done
      • -75 max health on wearer
      • No random critical hits
      • Wearer cannot carry the intelligence briefcase

      The Sticky Jumper is a training secondary weapon for the Demoman class. Its appearance is identical to the Stickybomb Launcher.

      As a training item, the Sticky Jumper fires completely harmless Stickybombs, allowing players to freely practice sticky jumping techniques. The ammo count for the weapon is also tripled, giving the user forty eight extra Stickybombs to use. Unfortunately, the Demoman's damage vulnerabilities are greatly increased.

      Additionally, due to the self explosion protection, the user will take no damage from grenades shot from their own Grenade Launcher or Loch-n-Load, nor the explosion from the Ullapool Caber. If the player causes the explosion of a Pumpkin bomb, the damage done to the player will be nullified, but can still be used to harm enemies.

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