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Syringe Gun

      • Damage point blank: 10 - 15
      • Damage medium range: 5 - 10
      • Damage long range: 5 - 6
      • Mini-crit-Damage: 14
      • Critical damage: 30
      • Shots: 40
      • Munition: 150 + 40 in the weapon

      The only fire weapon the Medic can resort to if he needs to is the Syringe Gun. The gun shoots out about 10 syringes per second that individually don’t do a lot of damage but since the fire rate is quite high represent considerable danger especially to low-health classes. The syringes are subject to ballistics which makes them fall towards the ground with increasing flying distance. So, the further away a target is the higher up the Medic needs to aim in order to score hits. Oops, that was not medicine.

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