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Class Engineer

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Name: Dell
'Hardhat', 'Engy' (to the Soldier),
'The Problem Solver', 'Truckie' (to the Sniper)
Home: Bee Cave, Texas, USA
Height: 1,77 m
Weight: 77,1 kg
Job: Area Denial
Motto: 'I Like to Make Things'
Food: Barbecue/Beer
Scout Speed
Scout Health
125 HP
Scout Max Health with Medic
185 HP

Team Fortress 2 Engineer Achievements

The Builder from Team Fortress Classic must be included in the new Line-up. Who don't like to build with lego bricks or create an own sandcastle? In Team Fortress 2, you can build whatever you want as well. No matter if it's a Sentry Gen, a Dispenser or a Teleporter, you can build them all. By using a PDA-like device, the Engineer can choose between four buildings. After a building has been constucted, it's status will be displayed at the top-right corner of the player's GUI. The Engineer is a defensive class, which means he can't attack the enemy team as he pleased. Instead, he can build a Sentry Gun to attack approaching enemies, healing teammates with his Dispenser, and create a shortcut with his two Teleporter buildings.









Engineer Details

  • TF2 VideosHe can build buildings by using metal (Sentry Gun, Dispenser, Teleporter Entrance and Teleporter Exit)
  • He can support his team by building a Dispenser (Healing and munition support, as well as metal support for engineers)
  • He can upgrade his Sentry, Dispenser and Teleporter to Level 3.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Festive Frontier Justice

      • When your sentry is destroyed yougain revenge crits for every sentry kill
      • No random critical hits
      • -50% clip size
    • Rescue Ranger

      • Alt-Fire: Use metal to pick up buildings from long range
      • Fires a special bolt that can repair friendly buildings
      • Self mark for death on building pick up
      • 50% max primary ammo on wearer
      • 66% clip size
    • Pomson 6000

      • Does not require ammo
      • Projectile penetrates enemy targets
      • Projectile cannot be deflected
      • On Hit: Victim loses 10 Medigun charge
      • On Hit: Victim loses 20 cloak

      Being an innovative hand-held irradiating utensil capable of producing rapid pulses of high-amplitude radiation in sufficient quantity as to immolate, maim and otherwise incapacitate the Irish.

    • Widowmaker

      The Widowmaker is a promotional primary weapon for the Engineer. It is a futuristic, tan Shotgun styled after the Widowmaker TX, a weapon available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

      This weapon uses the Engineer's metal as its source of ammunition; each shot fired will consume 60 metal, making for a maximum of 3 shots able to be fired without additional metal, with no requirement to reload. Each point of damage done to an enemy player or building with the Widowmaker is returned to the Engineer as metal.

      It was awarded in Genuine quality to players who pre-purchased Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam before August 26, 2011.

    • Frontier Justice

      • Damage (short range): 80 - 90
      • Damage (middle range): 10 - 30
      • Damage (long range): 3 - 10
      • Pellets per Shot: 10
      • Mini-crit-Damage per pellet: 8.1
      • Crit-Damage per pellet: 18
      • Ammo loaded: 3
      • Ammo carried: 32
      • Gains Revenge Crits for Kills of your Senrtry Gun
      • Gains Revenge Crits if your Senrty gets destoryed
      • No random Critical Hits
      • -50% clip size

      The Frontier Justice is an unlockable primary weapon available for the Engineer released with the Engineer Update. This shotgun cannot randomly Crit and has half the magazine size of the regular Shotgun (3 from 6), but can get Revenge Crits: For every kill your Sentry racks up, upon its destruction the Frontier Justice gets 2 guaranteed Crits. For every assist, it gets 1. This applies even if the Engineer destroys his own Sentry with the PDA.

      Taunting with the Frontier Justice will make the Engineer pull out his guitar, strum it, and slam it on the ground killing anyone unlucky enough to be infront of him.

    • Shotgun

      • Damage (short range): 80 - 90
      • Damage (middle range): 10 - 30
      • Damage (long range): 3 - 10
      • Mini-crit damage: 81
      • Critical damage: 180
      • Shots: 6
      • Total shots: 32 + 6 in the Weapom

      Even though other classes uses the Shotgun as a secondary weapon, it’s the Engineer’s primary wide range weapon. The Shotgun is most effective when used against fast player classes or if an enemy only needs one last quick blow to be dispatched.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Pistol

      • Damage (point blank): 20 - 22
      • Damage (medium range): 10 - 15
      • Damage (long range): 8 - 9
      • Mini-crit damage: 20
      • Critical damage: 45
      • Shots: 12
      • Total shots: 36 + 12 in the weapon

      The Pistol is the Scout's secondary fire weapon. As it does less damage than the Scattergun it should primarily be used for long-range targets as it is very accurate. The Pistol also comes in handy if opponents only have very little health left and only need one or two bullets to be killed.

    • Festive Wrangler

    • Short Circuit

      The Short Circuit is a promotional secondary weapon for the Engineer. It is a futuristic handheld electrical device consisting of two probes and rubber sealing, that appears to replace Engineer's right arm.

      This weapon fires a burst of electrical energy that does minor damage to enemies and has the ability to destroy enemy projectiles within a 180 degree radius at the expense of 35 metal. The weapon's electrical arcs are capable of hitting both multiple enemies and multiple projectiles in a single shot. Although unable to deliver critical hits either randomly or through the Kritzkrieg or to operate underwater, the Short Circuit does not require reloading and instead draws ammunition directly from the Engineer's metal supply.

      Enemies hit by the Short Circuit will emit white electrical sparks for a brief moment. Additionally, enemies killed by the weapon will suffer a distinctive death by vaporization, similar to the weapons in Dr. Grordbort's Victory Pack.

      It was awarded in Genuine quality to players that pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution before August 26, 2011.

    • Wrangler

      Engineers can use the Wrangler to take control and aim their Sentry Gun. An Engineer-controlled Sentry Gun won't select targets by itself. The Wrangler creates a shield that absorbs 66% of all incoming damage.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Necro Smasher

    • Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.II

    • Silver Botkiller Wrench Mk.II

    • Diamond Botkiller Wrench

    • Carbonado Botkiller Wrench

    • Blood Botkiller Wrench

    • Rust Botkiller Wrench

    • Gold Botkiller Wrench

    • Silver Botkiller Wrench

    • Festive Wrench

      Festive weapons are default weapons that are wrapped with Christmas lights.

      The color of the lights differ between RED and BLU teams, RED team has red, yellow and green lights whereas BLU has blue, yellow and green lights. These weapons can be obtained by unlocking a Naughty Christmas Crate.

      The weapons were added in the Australian Christmas 2011 update.

    • Eureka Effect

      • On Alt-Fire: Teleport to spawn
      • Cannot carry buildings

      Being a tool that eliminates exertion by harnessing the electrical discharges of thunder-storms for the vigorous coercion of bolts, nuts, pipes and similar into their rightful places. May also be used to bludgeon.

    • Jag

      Level 15 Wrench</font><br/><font color="#99CCFF">30% faster construction rate</font><br/><font color="#FF4040">-25% damage done</font><br/><br/></font></div>

    • Southern Hospitality

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Mini-Crit: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • Repaired Damage per Hit: 105
      • Targets will bleeding for 5 seconds after beeing hit
      • No random Critical Hits
      • 20% fire damage vulnerability on wearer

      The Southern Hospitality is an unlockable, community-made melee weapon used by the Engineer. Striking an opponent with it will cause them to bleed. This weapon will not deal out random crits. When wielding this weapon, you have a 20% fire vulnerability.

    • Gunslinger

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Mini-Crit: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • Repaired Damage per Hit: 105
      • Adds +25 max Health on wearer
      • Replaces the Sentry Gun with a Level 1 Mini-Sentry
      • No random Critical Hits

      The Gunslinger is an unlockable Wrench replacement for the Engineer.

      The Gunslinger appears as a robotic fist. It allows the Engineer to perform a combo attack, in which the third strike with the fist becomes an automatic critical hit. The Gunslinger also gives the Engineer an extra 25 max health, boosting his max up to 150 and making him a considerably more offensive class.

      Using the Gunslinger allows the Engineer to build a Combat Mini-Sentry Gun instead of the standard Sentry Gun. A Mini-sentry only take 2.5 seconds to build, and costs only 100 metal, but cannot be upgraded or repaired, and only deals half of a normal level 1 Sentry Gun's damage.

      Taunting with the Gunslinger will make the Engineer's robotic hand turn into a spinning cutter that stuns and kills.

    • Golden Wrench

      • Damage: 59 - 72
      • Mini-Crit: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • Repaired Damage per Hit: 105
      • Enemies killed with the Golden Wrench turn into golden statues

      The Golden Wrench is an exclusive Wrench replacement for the Engineer . It has a different skin and kill icon than the regular Wrench, and enemies killed by it turn into motionless golden statues instead of normal ragdolls. In all other ways, it is identical to the standard Wrench.

      The weapon used to be acquired through normal crafting processes, with a chance of the Golden Wrench dropping as well as the normal result. It can no longer be found or crafted.

      Only 100 Golden Wrenches were available.

    • Wrench

      • Damage: 43 - 87
      • Mini-crit-Damage: 88
      • Crit-Damage: 195
      • Repaired Damage per Hit: 105

      With the wrench the Engineer accelerates the development of Sentry Guns, dispensers and teleporters. Damaged buildings are also repaired with a wrench by hits on them.

      The wrench is used not only as a tool. Should the engineer be interrupted during construction of his buildings, he likes to share a couple of hits with him. If a Spy puts his Electro-Sapper on one of the Engineer-Structures, the wrench helpes to destroy the sapper, and saving the building.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Macho Mann

      Sometimes it really does take a village, people.

    • Teufort Tooth Kicker

      The Teufort Tooth Kicker is a community-made miscellaneous item for the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, and Demoman. It is a pair of leather 'cowboy' boots with metal capped toes, fringed tops, and a design on the throat.

      The Teufort Tooth Kicker was contributed to the game via the Steam Workshop, under the name "Malacissant Moccasins".

    • Deadliest Duckling

      Every time you fed a duck a breadcrumb, you were financing the Duck Mob. You're implicated. There's no going back now. Take this duck, go to the corner of 43rd, and enter the black Cadillac. When you meet the Don, don't make any jokes about horse heads. He hates that.

    • Viking Braider

      O.G. Vikings know: Braid before blade, son.

    • Mutton Mann

      Enjoy the absolute cutting edge of nineteenth century sideburn fashion with these lustrous, face-hugging muttons. There's no meat in these chops, ladies—but there's plenty of beefcake.

    • Holstered Heaters

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Cop Caller

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Conagher's Combover

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Clubsy The Seal

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Thermal Insulation Layer

      Winter 2014 Limited Community Cosmetic

    • Iron Fist

    • Beep Man

    • Soul of 'Spensers Past

    • Tiny Texan

    • Garden Bristles

    • Danger

    • Endothermic Exowear

    • Lonesome Loafers

    • Level Three Chin

    • Peacenik's Ponytail

    • Joe-on-the-Go

    • Tools of the Trade

    • Trencher's Topper

    • Mister Bubbles

      Thwart pickpockets, pocket-squatters and cheaters who ignore the rules of the "What's in my Pocket?" game with the last word in iron-clad diminutive pocket defense. Also works with underwater pockets!

    • Antarctic Researcher

    • Scotch Saver

    • Ein

    • Trencher's Tunic

    • Dogfighter

    • Face Full of Festive

    • Grease Monkey

    • Gold Digger

      Dag nab it before it's all sold out!

    • Special Eyes

    • Beep Boy

      His facial expressions are synced to yours! Teach this Beep Boy how to be a Beep Man using nothing but the raw musky magnetism of your face.

    • Trash Toter

      "Waste not, want not, son."

    • Dry Gulch Gulp

      "When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. And when a man needs killin', I oblige him."

    • Flared Frontiersman

      "I'll tell you what, these wide-bottom pants're slick as a whistle."

    • Pocket Pyro

      Loneliness is the world's deadliest silent killer. Next to carbon monoxide. But cuddle up to this adorable firebug, hold your breath, and you'll be free to concentrate on loud killers like car crashes and Freddy Krueger.

    • Teddy Robobelt

      This tiny robotic bear used to be the President. Now he lives in your pocket. How could the mighty have fallen so far? [makes drinking gesture] Glug glug wink wink.

    • Prize Plushy

      No more carnival games for you! Why buy three throws for a dollar and a chance to win a prize plushy for your paramour when you can just get one from the source and carry it around with you wherever you go!

    • Grizzled Growth

      Whether it's the rugged charm of your chin locks or the fumes from the overripe pomade, the ladies are sure to swoon whenever you're near. Shave it off while they're dazed and pretend you saved them from a bear attack when they awake. Works every time.

    • Voodoo-Cursed Engineer Soul

    • Pocket Purrer

      Little known fact: cats are fantastic engineers. Go ahead and ask about it next time you see one. In case you don't speak feline, "meow" means "that cantilever is deflected over its g-type joist girder." It's probably going to say that a lot.

    • Idea Tube

      This handsome leather cylinder improves on the diary in every way. Do you have secret thoughts? Write 'em down, ball 'em up, and stuff 'em in the tube. It's incredibly easy to find a thought when you need it, too. Simply empty out the tube and there they all are. You're just one simple unballing away from remembering it.

    • Texas Half-Pants

      The Texas Half-Pants are a community-created miscellaneous item for the Engineer. They are a pair of beige leather chaps, featuring metal bolts attached to the side and team-colored tassels.

      This item has two unique styles. The second style colors the chaps a darker brown.

    • Stocking Stuffer

      No need to hang this stocking over the mantle. It's already stuffed. Thanks for nothing, Santa.

    • Brainiac Goggles

      Being prescription shooting goggles that endeavor to relieve the eye from the reflection off one's gun barrel whilst also correcting Diplopia, Strabismus, 'Nervous Vision', Early-Onset Old-Eye, and several other varieties of structural defect.

    • Brainiac Hairpiece

      Being a maths-enhancing hairpiece that endeavors to heighten the senses of any soul, be he a gentle-man of leisure deserving of such a thing, or a loathsome tiller of the earth of whom a beating would not go unwarranted.

    • Frontier Flyboy

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Legend of Bugfoot

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Builder's Blueprints

      The Builder's Blueprints are a miscellaneous item for the Engineer. They appear as a set of team-colored blueprints placed in his hip pouch.

      This item is simply cosmetic, and it has no effect on buildings or blueprint appearance.

    • Pip-Boy

      The Pip-Boy is a promotional misc item for the Engineer. The Pip-Boy features a revised PDA HUD to match the looks of the device. It appears as a wrist-mounted computer device with a green monochrome screen, modeled after the famous Pip-Boy series produced by the fictional company Vault-Tec in the video game series Fallout.

    • Wingstick

      The Wingstick is a promotional Miscellaneous item for the Engineer. It is similar to a weapon featured in the trailers of RAGE.

    • Prairie Heel Biters

      The Prairie Heel Biters are a Miscellaneous item for the Engineer. They are a pair of spurs, which go over the Engineer's existing work boots.

    • Teddy Roosebelt

      A cute, plushy pocket buddy.
      Aw, he even has his own hat!

    • Googly Gazer

      Keep one eye on your enemy and
      the other one on everything else.

    • PDA - Builder

      The Engineer can build several buoldings by using his PDA. He also can destroy any of his own buildings by using his PDA as well

    • Hillbilly Speed-Bump

    • Dual-Core Devil Doll

      These pint-sized pain proxies combine the erotic mysticism of Haitian voodoo with the stultifying boredom of math.

    • Itsy Bitsy Spyer

      Say, Engie! Is that a miniature Spy in your pocket, or are you just happy to OH GOD STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT WRENCH!

  • Items Toggle View

    • Combat Mini-Sentry Gun

      • Health: 125
      • 1 Machine Gun
      • 8 Shots per Second
      • Building Time: 2.5 Seconds
      • Very short building time
      • Can not be upgraded to level 2 or level 3
      • Cannot be repaired
      • Deals half the damage of the classic sentry gun
      • (not tradable)

      The Combat Mini-Sentry Gun is a more combat-efficient version of the standard Sentry Gun, and is a component of the Engineer's Gunslinger unlock. The Combat Mini-Sentry Gun has several advantages: it costs only 100 metal to place, constructs at four times the speed of the original Sentry Gun, and is deployed at full health. However, it is neither repairable nor upgradable, as it is intended for short-term use rather than long-term area denial fortification. It also deals only half the damage of the original Level 1 Sentry Gun.

    • Sentry Gun - Level 1

      • 150 Health Points
      • 1 Machine Gun
      • 2 Shots per second
      • 10 seconds building time

      A Sentry Gun is an offensive building that attacks enemy players automatically (even though it takes less than a second for sentry gun to target on an enemy. It doesn't shoot instantly). There are three levels for a Sentry gun: It's default level 1 (this one), and two upgraded levels (level 2 and 3). Each upgrade requires 200 metal each, and an Engineer must hit a Sentry Gun to upgrade it. A level 1 Sentry gun requires 10 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.
      A level 1 Sentry Gun has just one MG and possesses a low firing rate, it also has low health (150 HP). For classes like the Heavy, Soldier or Demomn, it’s an easy bait, but for all other classes, besides the Spy, it’s still a threat. It requires 130 metal to build a Sentry Gun.

    • Sentry Gun - Level 2

      • 180 Health Points
      • 2 Machine Guns
      • 8 shots per second
      • 200 metall needed to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2

      A level 2 Sentry Gun possesses two MG’s, which has a higher firing rate then the level 1 one, it also has more health (180 HP). This is no longer an easy bait for any class (again, expect for the Spy).

    • Sentry Gun - Level 3

      • 216 Health Points
      • 2 Machine Guns / 1 Rocket Launcher
      • 8 shots per second / Rockets fires every 3.5 seconds
      • 200 metall needed to upgrade from Level 2 to Level 3

      A level 3 Sentry Gun possesses the same MG’s with the same firing rate, but has a neat rocked launcher that launches 4 rockets at once. At this point, only an übercharged player can survive a direct attack.

    • Teleporter

      • Level 1 Health: 125
      • Level 1 Recharge Time: 10 seconds
      • Level 2 Health: 180
      • Level 2 Recharge Time: 5 seconds
      • Level 3 Health: 216
      • Level 3 Recharge Time: 3 seconds

      The Engineer can create a shortcut between two points by building teleporters. A teleporter consists of two buildings: \\\"Teleporter Entrances\\\", which teammates can enter, and \\\"Teleporter Exits\\\", where teammates will appear after entering the entrance. If placed wisely, it can shorten a player\\\'s way to the battlefield and shorten the time between a player\\\'s death and his arrival at the battlefield after respawning. Both teleporter buildings requires 20 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.
      With an Update the engineer got the possibility to upgrade his teleporter till level 3. With each level the recharge time of teleporter will be reduced.

    • Dispenser - Level 1

      • 150 Health Points
      • Health 10 Health Points per second
      • 20 % Ammo Generation per second
      • 40 Metall Generation per second

      The Dispenser is a supportive building. It can heal nearby teammates and recharge a teammate's munition. It also gives the Enginner metal over time: it generates 40 metal every 5 seconds. A Dispenser requires 20 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.

    • Dispenser - Level 2

      • 180 Health Points
      • Health 15 Health Points per second
      • 30 % Ammo Generation per second
      • 50 Metall Generation per second

      The Dispenser is a supportive building. It can heal nearby teammates and recharge a teammate\'s munition. It also gives the Enginner metal over time: it generates 40 metal every 5 seconds. A Dispenser requires 20 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.

    • Dispenser - Level 3

      • 216 Health Points
      • Health 20 Health Points per second
      • 40 % Ammo Generation per second
      • 60 Metall Generation per second

      The Dispenser is a supportive building. It can heal nearby teammates and recharge a teammate\\\'s munition. It also gives the Enginner metal over time: it generates 40 metal every 5 seconds. A Dispenser requires 20 seconds to be constructed, but this time limit can be shortened by the Engineer by punching the buildings with his wrench.

  • Items Toggle View

    • Wilson Weave

      Hear ye, hear ye! Re-enact famous moments in barber history with this tricorn hat of hair!

    • Pardner's Pompadour

      "It takes a hard man to tame this ten-gallon Texas hair tornado."

    • Data Mining Light

      If you're a rugged coal miner like us, you know the value of throwing away your mining equipment and mining in the nude so people know how tough you are. Finally there's a version for the office worker to not wear while nudely analyzing spreadsheets.

    • Texas Tin-Gallon

      It's a historical fact that in cowboy times, cloth was hard to come by. Creative cowpokes kept the sun out of their eyes by making hats out of what they had in abundance: sheet-metal trees and bolt cactuses.

    • Timeless Topper

      Most hats are made of felt, canvas or other non-durable cloths that decompose after a mere 10,000 years. The Timeless Topper's built for the long haul, with an outer layer of scrap titanium and an inner core of plastic bags, foam cups and disposable diapers.

    • Plug-In Prospector

      Robo-future history comes alive! Pretend you're a grizzled, cantankerous robot prospector, drunk on teeny-tiny shots of nano-whiskey in the Olllld Cyber-West during the Great Battery Rush of 3047.

    • Vox Diabolus

      With this Vox Populi anarchist mask, you can terrify your enemies into thinking you're the Devil Himself, or worse, a protestor. Either way, they're probably going to avoid you at the entrance to the supermarket when you try to get them to sign something.

    • Last Straw

      Do you love farmin'? Do you hate the sun? Well shade yer noggin, grab yer hoe, and keep yer scattergun handy to scare off any varmints might come a-trespassin'.

    • Barnstormer

      Step into the headgear and facial hair of America's favorite aviator/filmmaker/toenail-and-Jarate collector with this hotshot aviator hat and rakish movie star moustache.

    • Master Mind

      Science fact: the human brain is 70% more effective when exposed to oxygen. Fashion fact: the human brain is 90% cooler-looking when you glue lots of Radio Shack stuff to it. Finally, an item that capitalizes on both.

    • Tin-1000

      Are people bothering you while you're trying to work? Just strap on The Tin-1000, stare at them unflinchingly with your soulless, red, robot eyes, and watch as they slink away in terror. It's a great way to thin out your friend circle – fast!

    • Buzz Killer

      • This is a special Halloween Item
    • Virtual Reality Headset

      The Virtual Reality Headset is a headwear item for the Engineer. It is a claw-like headset that covers the left side of his face, and appears to be built from recycled Gunslinger parts and a Level 1 Sentry Gun barrel.

    • Pencil Pusher

      The Pencil Pusher is a headwear item for the Engineer. It replaces the Engineer's hard hat with grey thinning hair and a pencil tucked behind his right ear.

    • Clockwerk's Helm

      DOTA 2 International Championship
      Gamescom 2011

    • Ol\' Geezer

      Get off mah land!

    • Western Wear

      The old West never saw this kind of class.

    • Hetman's Headpiece

      • (not tradable)

      Cossacks and war go together like gołąbki and Wódka.

    • Professor's Peculiarity

      I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics. Bullet mechanics? Well now that's a different thing entirely.

    • Big Country

      It'd be a damn shame to hide hair this handsome.

    • Buckaroos Hat

    • Industrial Festivizer

    • Safe'n'Sound

    • Hotrod

    • Texas Slim's Dome Shine

    • Engineer's cap

    • Texas ten gallon

    • Mining light

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