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Bill's Hat
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 03.11.2009 Time 08:11

Numerous guesses have been made where the hats and items in TF2 would take us. Valve made their move and showed the way it could go. Because as of today, for the first time aquiring a head is bound to your wallet (aside from that the little "Steam Wars Android L4D2" with TF2)


But let's not overdo it: You have the chance to get a new hat. But this time, you need no luck, no pumpkins nor do you have to wash your account of it. You merely have to open you wallet and preorder the little Valve-Android. IN exchange, you will get L4D2 and and, as a present, you will get Bills' hat known from Left 4 Dead.

Bills Mütze

How Bills hat fits your favorite class, can be checked out at Valve's latest blog entry:


L4D2 Pre-Purchase

Together with the unlocking of Bills' hat, a performance bug which was introduced with koth_harvest was fixed.

For all them headhunters and addicts, the future is going to be very expensive. There surely will be several things, that Valve can sell away in combination with more hats. All the other players can stay calm. As long as the non-free hats serve as a "cosmetic" feature only,  the gameplay won't be influenced and the fun at events like the recent helloween event will persist. Well, we will have to deal with all the whining little kids at the TFPortal forums who don't get enough money to buy L4D2 to get Bills Hat, but we all knew that this world is simply unjust.


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