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Update fixes Bugs - Mistery about Spys FeignDeath
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.02.2009 Time 15:52

Update comes, bugs coming, update comes and bugs are going. Like with every bigger update there are several bugs coming with it.Valve is known for fixing some bugs really fast but also they seem to miss some bugs for long time sometimes. We can't change this - sadly.

The changelog of the last update:

Gameplay Changes:
  • Removed the damage reduction against non-stunned enemies on the new bat
  • Players with full health can now pick up dropped sandviches

  • Reverted the change that treated chat text starting with / as a command instead of passing it through as chat
  • Fixed a crash related to baseball impacts
  • Fixed the Heavy's hands disappearing when he's stunned while wearing the KGB
  • Fixed the BONK! particles appearing in the air when the bat's taunt kill is used on a target
  • Fixed Force-A-Nature description not fitting inside the item window
  • Fixed the Axtinguisher

With the Scout Update there were major changes for the Spy too. As Spy you know can change the weapon you are wearing additionally to the class and the color like it was able before. A lot of people now were asking how you can choose the weapon you are wearing at all. Following an example for faking a scout:

    Disguising as Scout using the Revolver -> Scattergun
    Disguising as Scout using the Sapper -> Pistol
    Disguising as Scout using the Knive -> Bat

But now over to the mistery. In January Robin Walker was talking about the Spy. He said that the Spy were getting worse since the players of TF2 are more and more experienced. Thats why the changes were made. But now there was spotted additionally to new Scout variables a variable for the Spy.

The variable is called: "m_bFeignDeathReady".

As Team Fortress Classic player you will see some analogies. But for Non-TFC-Players we are explaining it. FeignDeath is the description of a Spys skill in TFC. There it was possible (like the description is telling) to feign death by pressing a key. Everybody wo was taken in by such a death feigning Spy was killed from behind after pasing the faking Spy.

Maybe the variable is for activating a skill within an upcoming update!

The TFPortal-Spys are everywhere! In this case we are thanking our TFP-Community-Member <-|SgN|-> tF.[saigns.de] for this information!


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